Here’s the problem: Culture has been corrupted by “cool”.

In the last few years there has been ample research which proves that having a strong culture is an incredibly powerful tool for recruitment and retention, and consequently is a driver of revenue. In fact, one report found that companies with “extremely healthy” cultures were 2.5X more likely to report significant share price growth over 3 years. In contrast, hiring a poor culture fit* can be a costly mistake — one for which organizations pay an average of 50–60% of that employee’s salary.

As the evidence grows, companies are finally starting…

Startup life is intense. Every day feels busier than the last and there are a million conflicting priorities at all times. When time is a precious resource, we naturally rank everything in terms of importance and urgency. When it comes to diversity and inclusion (D+I), while the vast majority of founders and employees agree that it’s important they rarely consider it urgent, which means it often gets sidelined. But failing to see the urgency of D+I, and therefore choosing not to prioritise it, is one of the biggest mistakes a growing business could make. Let’s prove it.

Why it matters: The Case for Diversity and Inclusion

  1. It’s just the…

From an Executive Communication Coach

Back in March, we kept telling each other what unprecedented times we were living in — and we were right. These times *were* unprecedented…two months ago. But now it’s May, and we’ve all had 8 weeks of practice commuting to our living rooms, co-working with our pets/partners/children, and identifying the rogue Zoom attendee who somehow still hasn’t figured out how to mute. By now, there’s precedent. That means that when we’re called on to deliver a virtual presentation, we have to be able to step our game up just as we would in front of a room full of people.

PHOTO: © Camilla Boyer

Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it moves so slowly: When the bus is running late, when you’re in the last hour of a long haul flight, when you’re waiting for your toaster to pop. Sometimes it moves too fast: When you’re caught up in a passionate debate, when you’re working to a deadline, when your country is about to inaugurate a monster…but I digress. One way or another, time always seems to work adversely to how we want it to.

Of course, the truth is time is actually the one constant we can depend on, and it’s only our…


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